To Santiago….

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Someone once said… ” I feel strongly both ways”.. That  jewel of wisdom pretty well summed up my feelings of the day I was to walk into Santiago. I did not want that part of my experience to end, however if I dragged my heels to savor it longer, I would be changing the way I was approaching my camino, which was to just walk as far as felt right at the pace that felt right. Any intentional adjustments would have killed the whole thing and I would have had to go back to SJPdP and start all over again. That being said, I will approach this bloggy thing in the same spirit as I have all along..

Perfect weather, I walked alone part of the way , and with a friend part of the way, but into Santiago alone…




  This busload of Japanese tourists pulled up, and this lady wanted to have her picture taken with real pilgrims. They were very deliberate in placing the backpack to show the shell. Jeremy & I asked them to take the same shots with our camera. After reviewing, it turned out that the gentleman taking the pics put 20 plus images on my phone, and 87 on Jeremy’s ..  

I had heard all about the vicious dogs on the camino, this one almost tail-wagged and slobbered me to death…


These are weekend peregrinos . Note the tiny backpacks. 


  Here I am…   
  My alburgue … Massive place, must have taken me 10 minutes to walk to my room. But it is a private room ( shared bath down the hall) is only 13€….pretty good deal…  
 I will talk more about the evening in my next installment…


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