Really getting close

I left my ” Barbie Dream House” alburgue early..


I had no idea how far I was to walk, the guidebook suggested a 25.6 run, but I was doubtful my feet would cooperate. I am also enjoying the activity and all the associated benefits so much that I am inclined to drag my heels a bit.. Regardless of inclinations, walking was on the agenda, so walk I did…








  I missed the 50k to go marker, so i took a shot of me @ the 49. Had to sit in a pricker bush to get this selfie..

  I ate an apple here…  
 Walking into Ribadiso. 25.6k   
A very nice , old yet very well restored 6€ alburgue. My room.. 

  My drinking companion..  
  As promised, more body parts. My feet should get a lot of credit for their contributions to the success of this venture..

MY buddy again…
Tomorrow?  We shall see…


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