Sarria to Portomarín. (hit the  100k to Samtiago marker)

I pulled the queen of wands

And the weather was forcasted to be rainy … 

It sprinkled a bit, beautiful walking weather..

I started out today, with no concept of my days destination. The rain,and my reluctance to stop on one of the “Brierly guidebook suggested stops”because the word is that after Sarria, it is impossible to get a room because Sarria is the shortest distance one can walk and still get a compostela ( certificate of awesomeness) .. Nonetheless, I happliy trudged along and found myself 22.? K further along than when I started the day, and plopped my backpack, my sorer than usual feet, and my tired bones in an alburgue in Portomarín ( the villamartin , if you are stalking me)..

Real nice walk, mostly alone but chatted a bit with Becky, a woman of England, for approximately 85 minutes..

Here are some pics.. 

  Sheba.. The perro-grino




       At what I thought was the 100k marker, because everyone else was lining up for pictures in front of it. It was the 100.5 k marker..

    At the  real 100k to go marker…    


  Not much more to say about today, other than that I decided to do laundry because they have a washer and dryer. The but washer stole my money, and the dryer doesn’t dry clothes at all. Hoping I will have dry socks in the morning.. We will see ..


One thought on “Sarria to Portomarín. (hit the  100k to Samtiago marker)

  1. Way to go JayBird did yo’ socks dry!! Saw James in Denver this weekend for my baby sisters 50th.
    Keep on trodin’ along and watch out for naughty camels.

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